In 2012 Ernst Bonis suggested the use of a simple idea to me when I needed a way to execute my installation-like work Boiling Points / Phase Transitions (B///////P in short) spatially. We teamed up and set out to develop the cheapest and most straightforward point source loudspeakers possible, aided by Joris Bonis (Dodecahedron). The resulting 10.1 system was financed by the Incubate festival in Tilburg (NL), who premièred B///////P at their 2013 edition, where it was executed daily during the Incubate festival week.

After that the system came into my possession and we felt it should be used rather than being shelved. It was through Ernst Bonis’ enthusiasm that the line-up for the first edition of PUNTBRON came together.

Reinier Brekelmans, PUNTBRON initiator

Incubate features an impression of B///////P on Vimeo. More about my work can be found on the Corps Flottants website and on SoundCloud