PUNTBRON is an independent, no-budget/non-profit festival for spatial compositions & performances, offering a range of contemporary and experimental music.

Artists are invited to develop a work especially for spatial execution on a custom built 10.1 loudspeaker system. The ten identical full range point source loudspeakers are intended for sound diffusion rather then surround sound purposes. They distribute the separate tracks of sound that make up a composition throughout the room. Placed in various ways that suit the works the loudspeaker configuration changes throughout the night.

The beauty of the simple but effective system is that every sound radiates from it’s loudspeaker spherically, in a surrounding way as opposed to in a ‘torch light beam’. This makes sounds uniformly audible throughout the room while their location is easy to pinpoint. With no need to be in the ‘sweet spot’ between loudspeakers, the spatial experience of the composition is enhanced. Members of the audience can move freely among them and immerse themselves, thus having an active part in the mix, which becomes unique due to their individual position.

PUNTBRON is proud to say that all seven works have their première at its first edition!


  • Ernst Bonis
  • René Uijlenhoet
  • Telesoniek Atelier
  • The Great Wail (Reinier Brekelmans)
  • Joris Bonis

VENUE: NS16 / ADDRESS: NS-PLEIN 16 – TILBURG / OPEN: 20:00 – 01:00 HOURS / € 5